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    Dark matter? What is it..?

    In the 1930s, Swiss-American scientist Fritz Zwicky first put forward the idea of dark matter. He had noticed that some galaxies in space spin around too quickly for the gravity of all their visible matter to hold them together. Observations in the 1970s confirmed he was right. So if gravity wasn’t keeping the galaxies together, […]

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    This is why we love Dubai

    1) So, who likes fishes? Inside the Dubai mall is an aquarium with a massive 32 meters wide and 8 meter high window giving visitors a stunning view of all the marine life. As a bonus, while the rest of the family shops, you can get into the tank and swim with the sharks and […]

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    Coolest man made structures ever!

    1) The Falkirk wheel. Bet you didn’t know about the falkirk wheel in Scotland. At first glance this thing looks like a half-finished bridge, however if you look closely you’ll see it is actually the only rotating boatlift in the world. Instead of using a lengthy system of traditional locks which could take many hours […]

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    The most destructive fire in the history of human culture.

    – Probably most of us have a vague idea of what the great library of alexandria used to be. More than 2,000 years ago, the wisdom of centuries went up in smoke. This disaster deserves the title: “the most destructive fire in the history of human culture.” 47 years before the birth of Christ, most […]

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    The Arab slave trade. The longest in human history.

    The arab slave trade was the longest in human history beginning in the 7th century and ending in the 1960’s. Slaves were estimated to be over 40 million africans, mediterranean people, persians, people from caucasus mountain region ( such as georgia, armenia, and circassia). Others would be from central asia, scandinavia, english, dutch, irish and […]