How advertisers fool us.

Ads are everywhere—on TV, radio, and the Internet, in newspapers, and on enormous billboards. Advertisers pull all kinds of stunts to convince consumers to buy a product, such as using snappy slogans and showing glossy images that promise an ideal lifestyle. Here are some tricks of the trade.


Bigger Bytes


Advertisers try to convince you that a new gizmo will improve your life. To keep sales flooding in, manufacturers make minor changes to a gadget and relaunch it as a new, improved version. This is most obvious in the smartphone niche. Every few months they make new models, but basically they are the same as the old ones. They work the same way, the look the same, they do the same stuff.

“Oooh look it has 8 gigs of ram” ..so what? I’m guessing that will make a true difference when you text your “lovely precious bae” goodnight.

Ideal Home


To sell an item such as a chair, advertisers create a glamorous home to surround it. The chair itself might be dull, but they put the idea in your head that if you buy the chair, you’re on your way to sitting pretty in your dream home.

Living the Dream

Advertisers use attractive people to make you link a product with being attractive. Many ads feature celebrities. Advertisers want you to think that by buying a product you will enjoy the blinged-up lifestyle of the rich and famous.

Hit the Road

Most people use cars for local trips or dull freeway commutes. So why do car ads show vehicles whizzing along beneath desert sunsets or swooping around mountain passes? It’s because they want consumers to think that if they buy the car, that’s what life will be like.

Cheap plane tickets? Check again.

Check the small print at the bottom of an ad promising cheap plane tickets. Often the budget airline’s bargain price only covers a one-way flight and doesn’t include the extra airport taxes.

Thirst Quencher

Drinks advertisers make sure they incorporate sounds and images that will make you feel thirsty, such as hot, sunny skies, ice cubes clinking in a glass, and liquid pouring from a bottle.


Bogus Burger

To make a burger look tasty in an ad, it is painted with brown food coloring. The bun is sprayed with waterproofing to stop it from getting soggy and the sesame seeds are superglued in place. Tasty!


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