This is why we love Dubai

1) So, who likes fishes?

Inside the Dubai mall is an aquarium with a massive 32 meters wide and 8 meter high window giving visitors a stunning view of all the marine life. As a bonus, while the rest of the family shops, you can get into the tank and swim with the sharks and rays.


If you’re looking for a more intimate setting, Dubai can bring the aquarium right to your bed. The underwater suites at the Hotel Atlantis cost $8290 per night and come with floor-to-ceiling views into a huge aquarium. This gives you a whole new meaning to the phrase “sleeping with the fishes”.


2) Pets.. exotic pets


It’s not that unusual to see dog owners driving around with their furry friend riding shotgun. In Dubai, they do things a little different. Sure they allow their pets to sit in the front seat and enjoy the breeze coming in the window, but if you pull up beside that car, and there’s a good chance you’ll be face-to-face with a cheetah, lion or tiger.
Yet, this amazing sight is actually not that rare (well we are talking of Dubai eh?). In a city where owning an exotic pet is a status symbol, riding with a potentially deadly cheetah is dubai’s version of being seen with a supermodel or a famous celebrity superstar.


3) You need that burger in 5 minutes? Say no more.


Ok so everybody knows that Dubai is a supercar heaven, but so it happens that they took it to the next dubaish level. Here you’ll find these special cars that come in every form while being used for nearly every job. Heavily modified and even gold plated vehicles aren’t out of the ordinary on the streets.
In the mood for fast food? The fleet of jaguar and ferrari delivery cars will make sure it gets there in under 30 minutes.
Even dubai’s police force does its part. Police officers can be seen driving everything from mustangs and camaros, to lamborghinis and ferraris. Like that wasn’t enough, they even have a 1000 horsepower bugatti veyron.


4) Gold to go ATM

Are you heading out for a big night on the town only to discover you forgot to wear your favorite jewelry? Not a problem. If you live in dubai just drop by the “gold to go ATM” and buy yourself some new gold jewelry.

These gold ATMs can also dispense gold bars and coins, so all your gold needs are covered. With plans to put them in other major cities, these machines are so popular, they reportedly need to be refilled twice a week.


5) Tennis taken to the next level

If a nice game of tennis is more your thing, then don’t worry, Dubai’s Burj al arab hotel has you covered. The only problem is that at this particular tennis court you may have some trouble relaxing. That’s because playing at the Burj al arab involves using a tennis court which is 304 meters up in the air (1000 feet in retard units).
The views are great but we are left wondering how do you fetch a badly hit serve. In any event, the tennis court is more often used as a helipad. But even so, with some requests, connections and some money you could have your own amazing high-rise match.


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