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Success Kid

With his clenched fists and the look of determination on his face, the success kid is an inspiration to us all. His face beams with conviction as if to say “yeah I got this”, but in actuality he’s just grimacing from the taste of the sand in his mouth.


In 2007, the mother of the child posted the picture of him holding the sand in his hand while at the same time chomping down on the gritty beach buffet. The picture quickly blew up and the business minded mother started to license out the photo.

Success kid can be seen on advertisements from vitamin water, radio shack and virgin mobile. The meme got so popular that even the White House used it to campaign to pass immigration reform. News outlets like CNN even called the child “the Internet’s most famous baby”

The determined face and the adorable little fist pump turned this tot into a symbol for all “nailed it” moments of victory.


Crying Michael Jordan face

Everywhere you look online you see that sad teary-eyed Michael Jordan face, but how did it all begin? Back in 2009 the superstar athlete michael jordan was inducted into the basketball hall of fame. During his induction speech, Jordan couldn’t hold back his tears and started crying.


People from across the net cut out his face and started to superimpose it on to everything. From album covers two superheroes, nothing is safe from The Crying Jordan meme. Michael said he’s aware of the popularity of the meme and he’s ok with people using his image for fun just as long as nobody’s trying to make money from it.

Overly Attached Girlfriend

Fairly or unfairly, a screen grab pulled from a homemade justin bieber parody video turned Laina Morris into the online poster girl for psychotically possessive girlfriends. With one terrifyingly wide smile, one that Morris had put on for a parody video set to the tune of bieber’s “boyfriend”, she became the Internet’s source of creepily obsessive captions like:


In reality Laina isn’t creepy at all and in fact she has a great sense of humor about the whole thing. She continues to post YouTube videos as overly attached girlfriend and even used her fame to get exposure alongside stars like jimmy kimmel.

Sheltering suburban mom

We all had that friend with that overprotective, often hypocritical mother that was always trying to ruin a fun time. Behold the sheltering suburban mom. This is a series of images making fun of the white suburban mother with phrases that are akin to strict and out-of-touch parents.


The meme spread like wildfire on web sites like Reddit and tumblr. The actual image is of a portrait photograph of the best-selling romance novel author “Carly phillips”. When first learning of the meme she said she felt horrified and hurt, but as time went by, she realized that the jokes weren’t at her expense and that’s when she decided to be ok with it.

Scumbag Steve

Few images in the internet meme history have inspired the fervent vitriol of the guy who came to be known as “Scumbag Steve”. Sporting a fitted backwards hat that has been tilted to the side and bent slightly forward and an ugly brown faux fur jacket, “Steve” whose real name is actually “Blake Boston” gave up a distinctive douche bag vibe to the online world in a picture that was actually taken by his mom.


The first impression was only reinforced when Boston initially lashed out at web users who managed to track him down. However he soon came to embrace the fame, showcasing a likable guy who is a dad and now works as a chef while also making videos on YouTube using his “scumbag steve” image.

Sophisticated cat

Nothing’s funnier than putting an animal and human clothes and posing them in ridiculous environments. The most famous anthropomorphism meme is “sophisticated cat

The meme features a photo of a cat wearing a suit while seated at a table reading a newspaper. The picture often includes hilariously deadpan or sophisticated phrases like:


The picture was actually from a “Björk” video entitled “triumph of the heart“. The image was first posted on reddit but soon spread to other joke sites. There’s just something uproariously funny about a cat in a suit drinking coffee while contemplating his life’s next major event.

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