Nopes that give you nightmares..

First and foremost, we have some of japan’s finest gifts from nature.

– Nope no.1 – Japanese mountain leech


The japanese mountain leech is often mistaken for a snake due to its large size. They can also swallow a whole worm. Leeches can come from anywhere in the woods, and typically will fall on you.

They can also hide themselves in your shoes. These things can literally leech off of you undetected and most likely they will realease an anti coagulant and numbing agent so you will remain unaware of anything going on. Having something slither towards you and feed off of you undetected is the product of a horror movie.

– Nope no.2 – Japanese Hornet

Pic shows: An aggressive hornet was held with tweezers by Twitter user Mikuru625 who has it as a pet. It could just be an internet sting - but might this be the way to solve the problem of the world's most aggressive insect, the lethal Japanese giant hornet? The feared six centimetre (2.5 inches) long insects - which can fly at up to 25 mph - have a powerful, poisonous sting that claims around 40 lives every summer. Their high death rate makes them the second most lethal animal in Japan, after man. But one social networking fan in Tokyo claims to have tamed one of the bugs and now even takes it 'walkies' in its own string harness. Twitter user Mikuru625 claims to have captured the normally highly aggressive hornet with a butterfly net and then held it with tweezers while he removed its sting and poison sacs. After that, he put a string lead around its thorax, and now the harmless hornet goes everywhere with him. "He does bite occasionally but it doesn't really hurt," said Mikuru. But the carefully posed photographs have begun to bug other Twitter users who think the whole thing might be a cunning online sting. "Thee hornets are the nastiest, most aggressive insects in the world. Even without a sting they'd try to sting you or bite you to death. There's no way they could be pets," said one. And one blogger added: "I can't help having a sneaking suspicion that the hornet might actually be dead and is being posed for these photos." (ends)

It’s safe to say that if you run into a japanese hornet you’re pretty much out of luck. First of all these hornets are huge as they can grow up to 2 inches in length (5.10 cm in non retard) and their stinger has a diameter of a quarter-inch and can fly between 25 to 60 miles per hour (40-96 km/h in non retard).

They typically prey upon honeybees, and one hornet can chop up to 40 bees per minute. A team of hornets can kill and dismember 30,000 bees. They will also chop up the body parts into bite size pieces and feed them to their larvaes. Not to mention, japanese hornets have a venom that can melt human flesh and pretty much destroy the nervous system.

– Nope no.3 – Giant orb weaving spider


Not too long ago people became more aware of the giant orb weaving spider because of an image circulating around the internet of one of these spiders  attacking and eating a bird.

The bird had gotten caught in the spider’s web and became the spider’s lunch. They’re found in Australia (obviously) and they build webs high up into the trees made up of strong protein so that larger bugs can be caught. The giand orb spider eating the bird is supposedly a rare event that has stunned wildlife experts.

– Nope no.4 – The bot fly


If you ever travel in central or south america beware of the bot fly. The bot fly is a parasite that can take residence in humans.

A female will lay her eggs on a mosquito and once the egg is set upon human flesh and senses the temperature change, the egg hatches and the larvae takes residence in human skin.

Larvae can grow up to the size of a human pinky, and people have had to have surgery to remove the larvae since they’re covered in spikes. Some people reported that they could feel the larvae moving around under their skin.

– Nope no.5 – Giant weta


Well the giant weta is a bit more friendly than the other nopes from above in the sense that they are in general harmless. Even so, their appearance is truly terrifying as they are three times the weight of a typical mouse.

The giant weta is so big, it can eat a regular carrot and be able to eat it faster than the average human. They are the heaviest insects in the world and can be found in the country of New Zealand.

– Nope no.6 – The Huntsman spider


Images of the giant huntsman spider have sent arachnophobes into hysterics in causing them to swear to never visit Australia. The huntsman spider is the largest and fastest spider in the world. They have a leg span of up to 5 inches (12.7 cm in non retard units).

Unlike their spidey brethern,they don’t build webs to catch their prey. Instead they just hunt and catch their prey with their own giant legs. The Huntsman can easily tackle bugs, insects and small animals.



I bet you checked your skin and scratched your head a few times while reading this.

Dont worry..have this little cute harmless nope that likes to cuddle random people while they are asleep.


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