Weird School Rules Around the World

1) Good luck bracelets in Japan


Japan is known for having some of the strictest school rules in the world and their students are more disciplined than in other countries. It seems that Japan’s spiritual beliefs and superstitions transpires into their school rules aswell.
In the fact that students are not allowed to wear more than one good luck bracelet. Any more than one is considered to be a form of cheating.. duh..Japan strikes again.

2) Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m sorry but..no ketchup for you!!


In France ketchup is illegal in school cafeterias. This is due to French teenagers using so much ketchup in their school lunches that they compromise the integrity of traditional French cuisine rendering it to American.. (really brah??)
The law was put into place by Christopher Hebert, the president of the National Association of municipal catering managers. However if someone does order a side of fries they can have a small serving of ketchup but that serving is not to be used in any other way.

3) Here have some toys

Die Klasse 1C.

Schools are traditionally seen as a toy free zone so that students can focus on their studies. But in Germany, on the first day of first grade, students have to participate in the tradition of “Schultüte”, in which each student is given a cone full of toys and candies to celebrate the seriousness of life.

Some kids have even been known to receive a video game or a cell phone in their cone. However this is only in first grade, perhaps they are trying to give the kids a last chance to be a kid before they have to grow up..

4) No more red.


Teachers in some parts of the United Kingdom and Australia have found themselves in a situation where they are no longer allowed to grade their students’ papers using red ink.
Apparently the color red is seen as confrontational and threatening thus resulting in school children getting upset when they received their graded work. Instead teachers have to use more soothing colors like blue, purple, yellow or even pencil.

5) No more touching.


In states like California, Connecticut and Florida and even in places like Cambridge, England, high-fives and hugs are not allowed. While schools are starting to enforce a no touching rule to prevent unwanted touching, those who do want to touch their friends have to do it off of school grounds.
The schools say it is because physical contact interferes with students’ educational experience. Critics have said that the rule is trying to stifle teenage sexuality and physical exploration that can apparently occur through consensual hugging or an innocent high five.

6) Did someone say Christmas?


In December 2013, Nichols elementary school in Frisco, Texas, made headlines when they banned the Christmas tree and the colors red and green from the annual winter party. Any reference to Christmas or any other religious holiday was banned.

The rule actually violated the state’s “Merry Christmas bill” which was supposed to allow teachers and students to talk about Christmas and openly express their celebration of the holiday, but the school kept their rules in place despite the media attention and controversy.

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