Coolest man made structures ever!

1) The Falkirk wheel.


Bet you didn’t know about the falkirk wheel in Scotland. At first glance this thing looks like a half-finished bridge, however if you look closely you’ll see it is actually the only rotating boatlift in the world. Instead of using a lengthy system of traditional locks which could take many hours to get through, boaters can be lifted up or lowered down 24 meters between the fourth and Clyde and union canals in a matter of minutes.


2) The great Pyramid of Gyza

It’s the oldest of the seven wonders of the ancient world and the largest of the Gyza pyramids. Built over 4,000 years ago the structure is believed to be a tomb which took upwards of 20 years to complete. Originally 146 meters tall and made up of over six million tons of rock, the fact that workers created this pyramid without the aid of machinery or computers makes it truly amazing.


3) Tallest bridge in the whole world – The Millau Viaduct.


In terms of amazing man-made bridges most of us immediately think of the Golden Gate Bridge. Sure it’s impressive, but its nowhere this other monstrosity located in baguette land.

Found in France, Millau Viaduct the tallest bridge ever,  is a cable-stayed bridge that is all around amazing.

Opened in 2004, one of its masts is over 340 meters tall and the whole thing is nearly 2.5 kilometers long. That’s taller than the eiffel tower and longer than 22 football fields.

4) Cayan Tower


Your first instinct when you see this building might be that it’s an optical illusion or maybe you’ve had too much drinks.

However Dubai’s Cayan tower is very real and it does actually look like that. At over 300 meters in height it’s not the tallest building in the world but the architecture makes up for it.

The twisted design plays tricks on the eyes and looks like something more at home in a dr. Seuss book than a city skyline.

5) The three Gorges Dam


We find ourselves looking at one of the truly immense structures of the 21st century. Completed in 2012 the three gorges dam in China is absolutely massive and at over 2 kilometers long and 180 meters in height, it is five times larger than the u.s. Hoover Dam.

It’s also been pretty expensive to build with a bill said to be at least 24 billion dollars. Sure it caused flooding environmental damage and displaced over 1 million people, but with its 32 electricity producing turbines capable of creating 22,500 megawatts this is definitely one amazing man made structure.

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